Thursday, March 19, 2015

By the Sea Shore

By the Sea Shore 1 By the Sea Shore 2 By the Sea Shore 3 By the Sea Shore 4 By the Sea Shore 5 By the Sea Shore 6 By the Sea Shore 7 By the Sea Shore 8 Wearing:
Vintage top
Forever 21 shorts
Seychelles oxford peep toe pumps
D&G wallet
Anthropologie necklace
MAC "Watch Me Simmer" lipstick

Mint and ivory.  These two colors make me think of the foamy waves in Bodega Bay.  And it's also the location of where these photos were taken.

Since spring is just around the corner, I decided to share these pictures taken in late August/Early September.  I didn't want to share all my late summer posts in the dead of winter.  Especially since I kept taking some recent shots of myself wearing coats/sweaters.  I wanted to keep my posts weather appropriate.

What are some things you're looking forward to this Spring (fashion or otherwise)?

xo  Azu

Monday, March 9, 2015

What to Wear in Vegas in the Winter

What I Wore In Vegas 1 What I Wore In Vegas 2 What I Wore In Vegas 3 What I Wore In Vegas 4 What I Wore In Vegas 5 What I Wore In Vegas 6 What I Wore In Vegas 7 Wearing:
Forever 21 crop top
Forever 21 necklace
7 for All Mankind linen and leather jacket
Citizens jeans
Nine West "Mainstay" booties
Vintage purse
Burberry watch
Mac "Captive" lipstick

Last week my boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas.  I brought an outfit for each day I was there, but only ended up photographing two outfits.  And this is probably the only outfit you'll see from the trip...unless I end up re-wearing some of my other outfits just for the sake of making this a special Vegas segment.  Which, now that I'm typing this, seems like a good idea.

I wanted to wear something comfortable, casual, and a little bit glam.  So I wore this outfit, which was inspired by one of my new favorite shows.  Do any of you watch Empire?   I watched this episode where one of the young male characters (Hakeem) was wearing a gray hoodie, striped t shirt, and a gold chain.  I loved that combination!  So I decided to recreate it.

Have any of your outfits ever been inspired by a fictional character?  Let me know in the comments :)

xo  Azu

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eyelet (Wear to Work)

Eyelet (Wear to Work) Eyelet (Wear to Work) 1 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 2 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 3 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 4 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 5 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 6 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 7 Eyelet (Wear to Work) 8 Wearing: BB Dakota eyelet dress
H&M black fitted blazer
Nine West "Mainstay" booties
Estee Lauder "Stay Scarlet" lipstick

I don't know if I'll ever wear this dress without a jacket over it.  I bought it two years ago and I should have returned it...but couldn't.  I liked it too much to return it.  The dress fit me horribly and it still does.  It fits too loosely at the waist and makes me look blocky from all sides.  I believe it's supposed to be a shift dress, but the construction and fit are a little awkward looking to be one.  Regardless of the flaw, it's still a gorgeous dress.  The lace is thick, the length isn't too short, and it can easily be dressed up or down.

Anyway, this is such a girly dress than I thought I would wear some leather booties to toughen it up just a little.  It's fun to add a tough element to such a frilly feminine piece.  Eyelet may be a spring trend but a little leather can turn it into a year round staple.

xo  Azu