Friday, March 25, 2016

Bell Sleeves / Spring Dress

Spring Dress 1 Spring Dress 2 Spring Dress 3 Spring Dress 4 Spring Dress 5 Spring Dress 6 Spring Dress 7 Wearing:
SheIn Bell Sleeved dress c/o
Faux fur coat
Vintage boots
Forever 21 quilted velvet purse
Dolce and Gabbana almond flower sunglasses
Lipstick: Mac Captive
Location: Sonoma

Just a quick outfit post today :)  Hope you guys have a great weekend...and happy Easter!

xo  Azu

Monday, March 21, 2016


Berry 1 Berry 2 Berry 3 Berry 4 Berry 5 Berry 6 Berry 7 Berry 8 Berry 9 Berry  10 Wearing:
Vintage top
Topshop jeans
Topshop strawberry purse
Topshop sandals
Prada sunglasses
Estee Lauder Stay Scarlet lipstick
Location: South Lake Tahoe, Ca

When I first saw this bag last year, I fell in love with it.  I have a thing for wicker bags and sweet summer fruit.  So this bag was a must have for me.  The shape of it allows me to stuff it with all my essentials for the day.

Anyway, I wear at least one vintage piece of clothing almost every day.  I don't mean to do it.  I just happen to have a lot of vintage pieces (which I love!  Vintage is the best).   This blouse is another gem that my mom gave to me that she used to wear when she was younger.

Have a great week :)

xo  Azu

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Flares and Lace (vintage 70s jeans with a modern take)

Flares and Lace 1 Flares and Lace 2 Flares and Lace 3 Flares and Lace 4 Flares and Lace 5 Flares and Lace 6 Flares and Lace 7 Flares and Lace 8 Flares and Lace 9 Flares and Lace 10 Flares and Lace 11 Flares and Lace 12 Flares and Lace 13 Wearing:
Forever 21 lace bell sleeve top
Vintage bell bottoms
Rebecca Minkoff sandals
Dolce and Gabbana almond flower sunglasses
Mac Up the Amp lipstick
D&G wallet

Just before the leaves started to fall and not long before the snow fell, I took a trip to Lake Tahoe.  This was of course, months before this last trip to Tahoe (from the previous posts).  It was kind of a kiss goodbye to a long and beautiful summer.

It was late September and unusually warm throughout this visit.  Knowing I would be doing a lot of walking, I prepared my outfit.  I wore my lace crop top from Forever 21 and  comfortable flats.  I also wore these amazing flared jeans that belonged to my mother.  She bought them in the 70s.  They're so unique!  I'm really glad she decided to keep them for so long.  And I was overjoyed when she handed them down to me.

When I was walking down a busy street, some guy yelled out "Hey, the 70s called...they want their jeans back!"  I couldn't help but laugh with him.  I was also a little impressed that he knew the era my jeans were from.

Do any of you own any vintage pieces?  Any from the 70s?

xo  Azu