Monday, August 22, 2016

Those Hot August Nights

Those Hot August Nights 1 Those Hot August Nights 2 Those Hot August Nights 3 Those Hot August Nights 4 Those Hot August Nights 5 Those Hot August Nights 6 Those Hot August Nights 7 Those Hot August Nights 8 Those Hot August Nights 9 Those Hot August Nights 10 Those hot August Nights 11 Wearing:
Hot August Nights t shirt
Joe's Jeans shorts
Topshop western sandals
Quilted faux leather purse
Urban Decay 1993 lipstick
Forever 21 layered choker

Two weekends ago, Amber and I went to the Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol, Ca.  Both of us had always wanted to go but for one reason or another never went.  Usually the fair would coincide with Hot August Nights in Reno, NV.  HAN is my favorite car show event ever, so I'd have to miss this cute fair every year...for about 7 years in a row.

I'm really happy to have gone this year and experienced it.  It was definitely a different crowd than the rowdier one in Sonoma County.  It seemed a lot more old fashioned.

Anyway, we took some outfit pics against this infamous pink wall at Screamin' Mimi's.  I wore one of my many HAN t shirts.  This one happens to be from the children's department.  Women's car show t shirts are never as cool looking as the men's or boy's t shirts.  I thought this one would look better because it's cropped and the graphics are on the right spot.

xo  Azu

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tropical / Wear to Work

Tropical 1 Tropical 2 Tropical 3 Tropical 4 Tropical 5 Tropical 6 Tropical 7 Tropical 8 Tropical 9 Tropical 10 10
Bcbg abstract floral top
74AM slim illusion jeans
Enzo Angiolini mules
Mac Flat Out Fabulous lipstick
Chanel bag
BCBG orchid ring

I haven't done a "wear to work" post in a while, so here you go.  I bought this top years ago.  It was on sale.  I love the cape like front and back of the top.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

xo  Azu

Monday, August 15, 2016

Short overalls / Shortalls

Overalls 1 Overalls 2 Overalls 3 Overalls 4 Overalls 5 Overalls 6 Overalls 7 Overalls 8 Overalls 9 Overalls 10 Overalls 11 Wearing:
Lovers and Friends overalls (Revolve Clothing)
Motel gingham crop top
Topshop cheeseburger necklace
YSL Ultimate Beige lipstick

I usually don't like to take my outfit pictures in my backyard.  Reason being my pets like to photo bomb (as seen in the bottom right of the first photo.  Yes, that's a turkey.  He's a sweetie...sometimes).  But I didn't want to haul my camera around the farmer's market and I wouldn't have had another opportunity to take photos that day.

I've worn this outfit twice already.  Once to the State Fair and a second time to the farmer's market.  I love these short overalls from Lovers and Friends.  They're really comfortable and fun.  I bought them last year and I never wore them until this year.  I meant to return them and I totally forgot.  So I kept them.  And I'm actually really glad I did :)

xo  Azu

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Leather and Mesh

Leather and Mesh 1 Leather and Mesh 2 Leather and Mesh 3 Leather and Mesh 4 Leather and Mesh 5 Leather and Mesh 6 Leather and Mesh 7 Leather and Mesh 8 Leather and Mesh 9 Leather and Mesh 10 Leather and Mesh 11 Leather and Mesh 12 Leather and Mesh 13 Wearing:
Missguided floral romper worn as a top
Siena Studio leather skirt
Nine West t strap pumps
Urban Decay lipstick

A little trick I like to do is to wear dresses and rompers under skirts and shorts.  It gives you more use out of them.  I've done that countless times with the dress in my last post.

Hope you guys are having a great week so far :)

xo  Azu

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Striped 1 Striped 2 Striped 3 Striped 4 Striped 5 Striped 6 Striped 7 Striped 8 Striped 9 Wearing:
Forever 21 striped dress (from 3 years ago)
Old Navy denim jacket
Chanel bag
Keds sneakers
YSL Rage lipstick

Location: San Francisco, Ca

About a week ago, I went to the city with a friend.  Instead of immediately wandering around outdoors as I expected, we stepped into Forever 21.  Five hours of shopping later, it was dinner time.  I was shocked at how fast the time went by.   We had spent the entire day indoors.  Normally I hate to spend so much time inside.  I love being outside.  But I hadn't gone shopping to an actual store in such a long time.  Recently I've just been shopping online because it's so much more convenient.  Plus, I make better decisions regarding what I really need when I take the time to shop online.

Summers in San Francisco are always cool and foggy.  So I wore my denim jacket and comfortable flats because I knew I'd be on my feet all day in this hilly city.  This stretchy dress was comfortable and perfect.  Especially in the dressing room when I constantly took it off and put it back on.

This is one of my go-to hanging out / shopping dresses.  Do you have any comfy outfits you routinely wear to go shopping?

xo  Azu