Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Thanksgiving Outfit 1 Thanksgiving Outfit 2 Thanksgiving Outfit 3 Thanksgiving Outfit 4 Wearing:
Urban Outfitters / Lucca Couture cropped sweater
Vintage leather pencil skirt
Nine West "MainStay" booties
Saks Fifth Ave sequin beret
YSL lipstick in "Ultimate Beige"
Dior sunglasses

On Thanksgiving, I planned to wear something entirely different than what you see in the pictures.  But I decided to wear this sweater and skirt at the last minute.

As I mentioned in my last post, Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday.  While the very first Thanksgiving was overshadowed by the tragic events that followed, I think what we celebrate now is a truly happy and joyous one.  It's a day that we honor our loved ones and give thanks to the blessings in our lives.  I celebrated T Day by spending an entire day with my family and loved ones (pets included).  

xo  Azu

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique 1 Happiness Boutique 2 Happiness Boutique 3 Happiness Boutique 4 Happiness Boutique 5 Happiness Boutique 6 Happiness Boutique 7 Happiness Boutique 8 Happiness Boutique 9 Happiness Boutique 10 Happiness Boutique 11 Wearing:
Happiness Boutique necklace c/o (buy it here)
Vintage sweater
Topshop jeans
Nine West ivory pumps
YSL "Ultimate Beige" lipstick
Vintage silver purse

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the US.  For those who celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love being surrounded by people I love and great food (stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes are my favorite).

My necklace is from Happiness Boutique.  It's well crafted, sturdy, and yet a comfortable wear.  I loved this design best because I knew I'd be able to match it a lot with denim.  If any of you don't know what to get the ladies in your life, hop on over to Happiness Boutique.  They have tons of statement necklaces to choose from.  They also have rings, earrings, and bracelets.  So there's lots to choose from :)

xo  Azu

Thursday, November 19, 2015

70s Inspired Coat

70s Inspired Coat 1 70s Inspired Coat 2 70s Inspired Coat 3 70s Inspired Coat 4 70s Inspired Coat 5 70s Inspired Coat 7 70s Inspired Coat 8
Guess shearling and suede coat (old)
Equipment shirt
Topshop jeans
Topshop necklaces
Mac "Heroine" lipstick

I really wish I had trimmed my bangs before I took these photos.  Don't you hate it when you notice little things like that?  I don't realize these things sometimes until I'm about to post photos.

Anyway, I bought this coat when I was in high school.  At the time, it was the most expensive clothing item I'd ever owned.  Buying this coat was a huge deal.  My mom actually helped me out in purchasing it because I couldn't afford it on my own.

Years later, I tried to get rid of it.  But I never got around to donating it.  Now I'm glad I hung on to this warm coat.  I wore it a lot in the winter last year, too :)

xo  Azu

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Looks Like Spring

Looks Like Spring 1 Looks Like Spring 2 Looks Like Spring 3 Looks Like Spring 4 Looks Like Spring 5 Looks Like Spring 6 Looks Like Spring 7 Looks Like Spring 8 Looks Like Spring 9 Looks Like Spring 10 Wearing:
BB Dakota dress
Forever 21 faux suede moto jacket
Mia metallic pink pumps
Estee Lauder "Stay Scarlet" lipstick
Location: San Francisco

I wore this outfit on a lunch date with my boyfriend in the city.  I was barely getting over a horrible cold.  Remember the one I talked about here?  It was nice to get out and hang out with Jaime.  I hadn't seen him in a week prior to this day.

San Francisco is warmer in the Fall than it is in the Summer.  I can actually get away with wearing less layers during this time of year.  Speaking of which...

I feel so strange to be posting an outfit that looks like it should be worn during the springtime rather than in Fall.   I wish I could be posting tons of outfits with hats, scarves, booties, and thick velvet flared pants.  But the truth is, I'm only wearing what I feel like wearing.  Weather and social situations also have a direct influence on what I wear.  So since it feels a lot like Spring, I'm gonna go with it :)  This may not be a weather appropriate outfit for most of the country right now.  But it's good enough for me.

xo  Azu