Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sequin Shorts

Sequin shorts_1 Sequin shorts_2 Sequin shorts_3 Sequin shorts_4 Sequin shorts_5 Wearing:

Parker silk blouse
Topshop sequin shorts
Bebe pumps (super old...from the late 90s when their leather goods were actually made in Italy, not China)
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick
Dior Glossy1 sunglasses

This is what I wore for the Catalan Festival at Gloria Ferrer winery.  I hadn't been there for a few years.  Part of the reason why I didn't go was because they stopped partnering with an amazing company that makes their paella for this event.  They made the most amazing paella.  After they stopped partnering with them, I stopped going.  It's all about the paella, ladies.

Even though the paella wasn't as amazing as I had expected (I have high standards for the dish), it was delicious nonetheless.  So much yummy food, sparkling wine, and mouth watering chocolate!  I would have taken pictures of the actual event, but my hands were preoccupied holding a glass of wine, my wallet,  and a small plate of food.  Oh, and I'm apparently not too good at taking event pictures anyway.  I don't even take my own pictures for my blog!  Thanks, boyfriend :)

I haven't posted in a while.  Sorry about that.  I had food poisoning (not from the Catalan Festival, thankfully!) and was dealing with some sad news.  My cute little cockatiel I've had for half of my life died.  I mentioned her on my blog before.  Her name was Peaches and she outlived every pet I've ever had.  I hesitated in even talking about her because people usually don't care about pets unless it's a cat or a dog.  At least, from my experience they don't.  I actually had someone laugh at me when I told them that my bird died.   Peaches may not have been a dog, but she was just as obedient, loyal, and loving as any dog or cat could be.

xo  Azu

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slow Ride (Take It Easy)

Slow Ride_1 Slow Ride_2 Slow Ride_3 Slow Ride_4 Slow Ride_5 Slow Ride_6 Slow RIde_7

BCBG "Erica" silk blouse (you can get it here)
Citizens of Humanity Jeans (Kelly Bootcut 001)
Vintage boots
Pearl headband from the Dollar Store
Barney's bag
Dior "Glossy 1" sunglasses
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick

A week ago, my boyfriend and I went horseback riding for the first time.  I didn't know what to expect, as I'd never done it before.  It was a lot of fun! The horse I rode was named "Son" and he was a sweetie. We rode over the hills on the ranch through the cool breeze.  It was perfect.  And the breeze felt heavenly. When we got there, it was overcast but it cleared as soon as we got on our horses.

It's been too hot to wear jeans and boots. But the closer you get to the beach, the cooler it gets. This ranch was located not too far from Bodega Bay (about 5 miles).  So wearing jeans and boots was weather appropriate.

By the way, here's a link to the place we went to.  It's called BadBoy Cowboys.

Ok guys...that's all for now :)

xo  Azu

Monday, July 15, 2013


Minimal_1 Minimal_2 MInimal_3 Minimal_4 Minimal_5 Minimal_6

Bebe basic black t shirt
Joe's Jeans shorts
Enzo Angiolini sandals
Vintage purse
Mac "Dear Diary" lipstick

I'm not sure if you can tell, but I'm wearing less makeup.  Even if I'm the only one who notices, I still feel better knowing that my skin isn't as covered up.  I'm still wearing everything I normally do but applied lightly.

I wanted to wear my new red heels and leather skirt (you'll get to see them soon, hopefully) but it didn't seem right.  Wearing a simple outfit seemed much more comfortable for this busy Saturday.  I was tired from getting up earlier than usual and so sleep deprived (that explains the dark circles) that I didn't want to deal with anything fussy.  It was all about comfort.

Oh, and I bought this hat at the county fair.  I love that it's so light weight.  Its airy weight is a good thing for the heat, but not so much when it's breezy out.  This hat almost flew off when I was crossing the street.

Alright...I'm off to go for a swim.  Hope you guys have an amazing Monday!  Thanks for reading :)

xo  Azu

Friday, July 12, 2013


orange_1 orange_6 orange_2 orange_5 orange_3 orange_4

ASOS blouse
Joe's Jeans
Nine West polka dot bag (from the 90s)
Dollhouse bow pumps
Mac "M'Orange" lipstick

I wrote about five paragraphs of an incident that happened to me a year ago.  Then I deleted it.  I really wanted to open up to you guys about it, but for some reason I couldn't press "publish."

In my last blog, I was very open about what I believed in.  I wouldn't hesitate to share with you all my views on...pretty much anything.  While I've opened up about a few things that matter to me here and there, I always wonder if most of my followers will even read what I have to say.  Maybe I'll publish more of my "thoughts" later.  But today, I think I'll keep it short and sweet.  Is that how you guys would prefer it?  Sometimes I feel like I'll annoy or bore all of you if I write too much.  Would you care to read my irrelevant ramblings sometime?  ;)

I hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend!

xo  Azu

Monday, July 8, 2013

Red, White and BLOOM

Red, white, and Bloom_1 Red, white and Bloom_2 Red, white, and Bloom_3 Red, white, and bloom_4 Wearing:
Urban Outfitters Large Flower Crown headwrap (Also comes in multiple colors here)
Asos 90s crop top (You can get it here, or a similar one here and here)
Topshop American flag print shorts (old, but similar here and here)
Topshop 2part Geek Sandals (Available here and in a few other colors here)
Estee Lauder "Stay Scarlet" lipstick

This is what I wore for the Fourth of July.  I've worn these shorts for Independence Day every year since I got them.  So far it's been three :)  I always try to stay cool during that day.  Especially since it usually consists of walking around a lot in the hot sun.  Well, this year was no different.  I spent the most of the day in Calistoga at the fair. Despite the heat, it was really fun.

Originally, I was planning on wearing my blue Nanette Lepore skirt with a striped red and white top and some cute red heels.  But it was so hot.   A cropped top with high waisted shorts was the way to go. But seriously...it was scorching that day. Can you see the beads of sweat on my upper lip in the closeups? LOL! I'm pretty sure I would have turned into a puddle if I'd worn something else.

 What did you do for the 4th? That is, if you celebrate it :)

 xo Azu

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silk, Suede, and Leather

Silk, suede, and leather_1 Silk, suede, and leather_2 Silk, suede, and leather_3 Silk, suede, and leather_4 Silk, suede, and leather_5 silk, suede, and leather_6 silk, suede, and leather_7

Parker silk blouse
Lucky Brand suede shorts
Steve Madden "Bommbay" espadrilles (super old)
Louis Vuitton mini backpack
Forever 21 gold bow headband
Mac lipstick "Girl About Town"

Silk tops and blouses during the summer heat are a must.  What I like most about them is that they breath, which makes wearing long sleeves in 100 degree weather pretty bearable.  I love the way this particular one drapes.  It's comfortably loose and luxuriously soft.  You can't see it very clearly in these pictures, but it has an unexpected detail. It has buttons along the top part of the sleeves.  They actually function and can transform the blouse by allowing you to bare your shoulders.  Maybe I'll wear it like that next time.  I just didn't want to look too exposed as I was already wearing shorts.

Another must have for the summer are a pair of comfortable wedges.  These that I'm wearing are old.  I may have to replace them soon.  What are some of your Summer must haves?

xo  Azu