Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Wear Blue Lipstick

Blue lips 2 blue lips 3 Blue Lips 4< blue lips 5< Blue lips 6 BLue Lips 7 blue lips 1 Blue Lips 8 Blue Lips 9 Wearing:
Forever 21 sunglasses
C&C California cami
Topshop jeans
Fila sneakers
Vintage faux leather quilted purse
Anastasia Beverly Hills "Paint" liquid lipstick

Location: Sonoma, Ca

I finally bit the bullet and bought a blue lipstick.  This metallic blue color is incredible.  It's not for everyone and I don't expect it to be a crowd pleaser.  I just really loved this gorgeous hue and wanted to try something different from my usual pink or red shades.

This was my first purchase from ABH and I must say I'm impressed.  I was expecting the lipstick to feather, but it didn't.  I assumed it would easily come off, but it didn't (not even after lunch).  And I was dreading removing the lipstick from my lips after wearing it for a full day.  I thought, ok...if it stays on this well on my lips, it's definitely going to be difficult to remove.  Well, that wasn't so.  It came off easily with coconut oil and it didn't even stain my lips after wearing it for a full day (unlike most highly pigmented lipstick colors).

What I love most about ABH is that her products are cruelty free.  I've mentioned before on my blog that I'm making a conscious effort to purchase beauty products that don't test on animals.  Not only is testing on animals completely unnecessary, it doesn't even guarantee that the products won't harm you.

Ok, rant over.  I wore neutral eyeshadow and blush to make the dark blue lipstick the main focus.  And I kept my outfit pretty simple.  I feel that the clothing you wear should go with the color of your lipstick, otherwise your look won't be as cohesive.

Have any of you tried unusual colored lipsticks?

xo  Azu

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Spring / Mustard Fields

Mustard Fields 1 Mustard Fields 2 Mustard Fields 3 Mustard Fields 4 Mustard Fields 5 Mustard Fields 6 Mustard Fields 7 Mustard Fields 8 Mustard Fields 9 Wearing:
Lovers and Friends overalls
Vintage short sleeve shirt
ASOS reclaimed vintage heart choker
Urban Decay 1993 lipstick
Location: Kenwood, Ca

Photos by: Robert Sosa

Ever since I've had my blog, I've wanted to take my outfit photos in the mustard fields.  I used to run through them every spring when I was little.  I really don't have an excuse for not continuing the tradition as an adult other than I simply didn't make time for it.  These mustard blossoms look so fresh and are always the first sign of spring and the coming warmer weather.

So about my outfit...  You've seen these overalls before.  But you haven't seen this cute ditsy floral print blouse.  Yes...it's vintage.  And yes, it belonged to my mom.  I wore these two with my new ASOS heart choker.

xo  Azu

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Blossoms / Vintage Sequin Sweater

blossoms 1 blossoms 2 blossoms 3 Blossoms 4 Blossoms 5 Blossoms 6 Blossoms 7 Blossoms 8 Blossoms 9
Vintage sweater
Topshop jeans
Nine West Maintstay booties
MAC Heroine lipstick
Topshop choker
Forever 21 sunglasses
Vintage faux leather quilted bag

Location: Carneros, Ca

Every February and early March we get the prettiest blossoms here in the valley.  I always loved seeing them as a kid.  They made the winter look a little less gloomy.  I think that on cloudy days they look even more amazing.  Anyway, I spotted these blooming trees on the way back from the city one day.  I love pink and anything that looks like cotton candy so I couldn't help but ham it up in front of this row of trees ;)

This sweater is another piece that belonged to my mom.  I think it's from the 90s or late 80s...I'm not sure.  But it's really soft and in amazing condition.  It used to have shoulder pads but I cut them out because I thought that was a little much lol.

Have a great weekend you guys <3

xo  Azu