Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Right to Know

Citrus Punch_1 Citrus Punch_2 Citrus Punch_3 Citrus Punch_4

Zara Orange / Citrus print top
Ralph Lauren shorts (DIY high waisted shorts, which used to be pants)
Louis Vuitton mini backpack
Forever 21 multi strand pearl necklace
Vintage belt
Vintage bracelet, gifted gold bangle bracelets
Steve Madden sandals
Mac Lipstick "Morange"

I'm unsure of how to start off by writing this, but I thought I'd bring something up since this outfit has a food-print on it.

In my old blog I spoke of Monsanto and how horrendous their genetically modified and patented foods are for the earth.  Have any of you heard of California's Prop 37 yet?  I urge you to check out their website  If prop 37 passes, all genetically modified food will be required to come with a label.  This is a HUGE deal because it effects every single living thing on this planet. Genetically modified foods (GMOs) are everywhere and Monsanto has spent millions of dollars trying to keep us in the dark about what we're eating.  There was a recent study conducted where scientists fed genetically modified corn to rats and found that those rats grew giant tumors. In another study, mice began to grow hair on their tongue and most of them became infertile by the third generation.  And yet another study (back in 2010) was performed on hamsters with devastating results.  You probably have never heard of this because of how extremely biased the media is.  The FDA also does a wonderful job of keeping you from knowing about this.  If you want to see how gruesome the effects of eating GMOs are, click HERE.  I must warn you, it's pretty graphic.

There is a reason why cancer, diabetes, and obesity are at an all time high right now in the U.S.  Chronic illnesses and obesity have been linked to GMOs.  For that reason, other countries like Russia and France have banned genetically modified foods.  One would think that the United States would follow in their footsteps.

So even if you don't live in California, you need to know about this.  If proposition 37 passes, other states can follow in our footsteps.  This may very well be the last chance we have to label our food.  Don't you want to know what you're eating?  Even if you think GMOs are a wonderful thing, wouldn't you want to know if your food has been altered in some way?

This is a fashion blog, yes.  But there are some things much more important than fashion.  This is one of them.  Just to give you guys another example, over 85% of corn is genetically modified.  Do you know what that means?  We're eating corn that produces its own pesticide.  Sounds delicious, right?   If insects will die when they eat this, what do you think it's doing to us?  And avoiding corn entirely won't do any good either.  Corn by-products are found in almost everything (from baby formula to juice, soda, bread, and condiments).  This is exactly why I avoid all GMOs (or try to at least) and only eat organic foods.  

Please pass this video along to your friends & loved ones!  Thanks for reading :)



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn is Here!

Autumn is Here!_1 Autumn is Here!_2 Autumn is Here!_3 Autumn is Here!_4 Autumn is here!_5

MaxStudio dress
Elie Tahari denim vest
Steve Madden Graanie boot in "Cognac"
Vintage Dooney and Bourke All Weather Leather bag in green
Vintage and or gifted jewlelery
Clinique lipstick and lipgloss duo "Shy" and "Mystic"

These pictures were taken on the side of the road.  With the exception of a few, most of my pictures are taken on the side of the road.  Even though it's much more convenient to take them in my front yard or backyard, or even somewhere downtown, I don't like to deal with distractions when taking photographs of myself.  Having strangers stare at me while I'm trying to look as normal as possibly usually results in awkward poses and facial expressions.  And while I don't have strangers in my backyard, I do have pets.  Some of my pets are not camera shy AT ALL (I had to crop them out in my last blog because they like to poke their heads into my pictures).  But then the privacy factor comes into play.  Taking pictures in front of my house would be a big no-no in my book.  I don't need to show the whole world exactly where I live.  Google maps already does that for me (and for YOU too!), so I don't need to make it any more obvious.  Besides, I've had a stalker before and it is no laughing matter!  I take my privacy very seriously.

But back to the subject of picture taking.   I really enjoy going on walks.  As a blogger, this makes it easier for me to have a constantly changing background...and it ends up being like a fashion diary.  I would prefer my photos to have a visually pleasing background as well as an equally interesting outfit to display.  I think that helps give my blog something that's a little bit unique.  But on the downside of it, I don't always have time to take pictures in pretty places.  So that in itself limits me most of the time.  But luckily I have an amazing and patient boyfriend who enjoys taking my pictures.  LOL!!  So I'd like to give a shout out to him and to all of the other boyfriends and girlfriends who take our pictures for our blogs.  THANKS A BUNCH!



Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Thinking Pink

Think Pink_1 Think Pink_2 Think Pink_3 Think PInk_4

Vintage necklace
Gold bangles from Mexico
Vintage bracelet
Vintage poodle brooch
Charlotte Russe white eyelet dress
Zara pink blazer
Miu Miu patent leather mary janes
Mac lipstick "Dear Diary"
Essie nail polish "Peach Daiquiri"

One of the last times I wore this dress, I made the mistake of wearing bright orange underwear.  I kept wondering why everyone was staring at me everywhere I went.  "They must really like my dress," I thought.  LOL!  It wasn't until I looked in the mirror of a public restroom that I realized what a huge mistake I'd made.  Although this dress has lining, my brightly colored undergarment was clearly visible through this white dress.  It was embarrassing, but I had to laugh at myself.

This dress was purchased back in 2005 or so.  I still remember the day I bought it.  Charlotte Russe was packed that day.  I tried on this dress, which at the time had pale pink sequins all over it.  It also had an ugly looking cowboy belt (there isn't wrong with a cowboy belt, but this one was just awful).  I bought the dress, ditched the belt, and removed every single sequin.  I had a sequin overload from the previous seasons so I wanted to stay away from them for a while lol.  I have to say that removing the sequins was a good decision.  I think it helped make this dress more versatile.  Otherwise it would have been overly girly.

Do any of you have items of clothing that you slightly altered over the years?  Isn't it amazing what a few changes can do to a piece of clothing?



Thursday, September 13, 2012


Plum_1 Plum_2 Plum_3 Plum_4 Plum_5

Studio M black knit top
Topshop metallic knit shorts
Tory Burch "Kaitlin" quilted leather pump (buy here, here, or here. And available in flats here and here.)
Gold bracelets & necklace from Mexico
Vintage ring & bracelet
Quilted leather bag (from Annie)
Chanel lipstick "Desire" (old)

This knit top will forever remind me of my late friend, who we'll call "Gigi."  For the privacy of her family, I do not want to use her name.  I met Gigi through my mother when I was a sophomore in high school.  Immediately, I was fascinated by her impeccable style (which is why I was thrilled when she gave me this top).  Before her I'd never known anyone with a Louis Vuitton handbag collection.  She was older than me and looked like the older sister I'd never had.  People often mistook her for my mother's sister.  Besides being the ultimate fashionista, Gigi had also had an amazing personality.  What I liked most about her was her sense of humor.  She was never vulgar with her words but could make you laugh for hours.

For the next few years after we met Gigi, my family and I became very close to her.  I even babysat her kids through the remainder of my high school years.  But over time, as most things do, our friendship came to an end.  It was a gradual "letting go" that happened.  We always cared about her and I know she cared about us.  I would run into her every now and then and she would greet me with her big smile and elegant attire.  I guess you could say that life sort of got in the way of our friendship.  To this day, I regret that I let those things (whatever they were) get in the way of talking to her.

A few years ago, I received some horrible news.  Gigi had died.  Words really can't describe the emotionally crippling pain one feels when losing a loved one.  My heart ached for her,  for her family, for her friends, and for myself.  I didn't want to remember how I felt that day and to be honest, I didn't know if I should write about her.  But I can't just ignore the time I had with someone who was such a huge part of my life.

Looking back, it's difficult to think about how I went from talking to her every single day to...well...this.  So now I have a favor to ask all of you.  I want you all to really think about the people who have ever impacted your life in a positive way.  If there is anybody in your life right now that you haven't been in contact with, you should call them.  Or text them, or email them, etc. But even better you should actually talk to them in person.   Life is too short (and full of surprises) and you really don't know what tomorrow has to offer.  So don't do what I did.  Don't push people away because of your busy schedule.  Sure, some people need to be pushed away (like those who have harmed you) but I'm talking about those that matter.  You know the ones.  So in honor of the beautiful and charismatic Gigi, I hope you keep in touch with those that matter in your life.



Monday, September 10, 2012

I've Got Sunshine

Sunshine_1 Sunshine_2 Sunshine_3 Sunshine_4 Sunshine_5

Asos Lace Bow Playsuit
Vintage necklace
Miu Miu patent leather Maryjanes
Dior sunglasses
Essie "Peach Daiquiri"
Clinique lipstick & lipgloss

Did you guys hear the good news about Topshop?  Nordstrom is now carrying Topshop online and in stores!  Check it out here.  I'm not wearing Topshop right now but it's one of my favorite online shops, so I thought I'd share :)

Anyway, I purchased this playsuit (romper, jumpsuit, whatever you wish to call it) earlier this Summer but I never had a chance to wear it.  It wasn't until I purchased these shoes a month ago that I felt like I could now wear this playsuit (and many outfits) comfortably, knowing everything went well together.  I've never had a great pair of nude pumps before so I thought I'd treat myself to these Miu Mius.  By the way, I didn't pay full price.  I was able to snag these for about 50% less than the retail price.  Now it seems that most outfits I'd put together (but never wore) are now complete thanks to these shoes.  Expect to see more of these shoes in my future posts.   :)



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Country Glam

Country glam_1 Country glam_2 Country glam_3 Country glam_4

Plaid ruffle top:  Ralph Lauren
High waisted leather shorts:  Topshop
Quilted leather purse: Gifted, from Annie
Multi strand pearl necklace: Forever 21
Bow pumps: Dollhouse
Sunglasses: Dior
Lipgloss: Mac "Russian Red"
Nails: Essie "No Place Like Chrome"

Hi again!  I have some new things going on so I probably won't be able to do another outfit post until Monday.  The good news is that I finally have my website up and running.  Now you guys can see the art that I do.  I don't have everything up because I still have touch ups to do on some illustrations and I need to take good pictures of other work (or scan).  Click HERE to see my work.

So I guess this is another short post...maybe that's a good thing, though.  When I have more time on my hands I tend to write a massive amount per post lol.

Have a great Wednesday!  Are any of you participating in Fashion's Night Out?  :)



Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Have a Picnic

Picnic_1 Picnic_2 Picnic_3

Top:  MaxStudio Limited Edition
Bermuda shorts:  BCBG
Sandals:  Steve Madden
Purse:  Vintage
Lipstick:  Mac "Watch me Simmer"
Nails:  Essie "Peach Daiquiri"

If you followed my last blog, you may remember this outfit.  It's actually a repeat from about a year ago, but I thought I would update it in the makeup department.  This time I'm wearing a new nail polish that is now my favorite.  It's "Peach Daiquiri" by Essie.  It's the most delicious, pinkish coral hue.  It matches with my coral lipstick.

I'm tired today and it's Labor Day, so I'm going to keep this post really short.  ;)

Have a great Monday, everyone!