Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch 1 Pumpkin Patch 2 Pumpkin Patch 3 Pumpkin Patch 4 Pumpkin Patch 5 Pumpkin Patch 6 Pumpkin Patch 7 Pumpkin Patch 8 Pumpkin Patch 9 Wearing:
Maxstudio blouse
Topshop "Leigh" jeans
Vintage boots
Topshop floppy hat
Kate Spade purse

Hey guys.  I didn't mean to go this long without posting.  I won't sugarcoat anything this time and pretend like I've been too "busy" to post anything.  Things have been a little difficult lately, but it's okay.  I'm figuring it out.

These photos were taken about a week ago.  I hung out with Amber and her friend, Marla.  Not one of us had been to a pumpkin patch this year, so we ended up going together.  That day, I had a migraine.  I hadn't been sleeping very well due to stress.  I contemplated not going because I felt awful and too many things were running through my mind.  I have a tendency to let my stress get the best of me.

I'm so glad I came out with these lovely gals.  For the time we were at the pumpkin patch, I forgot about my problems.  I went out of my comfort zone and slid down the tallest slide I'd ever been on, walked through rows of beautiful pumpkins, and we all did a little photo shoot at the end.  It was kind of childish.  It was a lot of fun.  And I was happy.

Thanks Amber for the pictures.  And for being a great friend :)

Love you all for reading.  Hope you've had a safe Halloween.

xo  Azu

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay 1 Tomales Bay 2 Tomales Bay 3 Tomales Bay 4 Tomales Bay 5 Tomales Bay 6 Tomales Bay 7 Tomales Bay 8 Wearing:
Off the shoulder blouse (old)
Topshop "Leigh" jeans
Steve Madden sandals (old)
Topshop necklaces
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick

My favorite thing to do lately is to escape the heat and flee to the beach.  There are so many beautiful beaches in the area...but none quite like Tomales Bay.  My boyfriend and I spent an evening here.  I'd been itching to go there the entire summer.  I hadn't been to that part of the beach since I was in elementary school.  It's only about an hour away from where I live.

The entire time I was there, I was flooded with wonderful memories of camping here with my friends and teachers.  We camped out in teepees along the shore.  At night, we shared stories in our teepees, whispering so as to not wake up the others around us.  My favorite part about that trip back then was when the jellyfish came up close to the shore at night.  There were hundreds of them floating inches away from our feet!  Their translucent bodies were glowing vividly in the deep blue water.  They looked like circular ghosts.  Some were smaller than my hands, while others larger than dinner plates.

Too many years have gone by since my first visit.   I know I'll keep coming here more often and exploring this amazing beach.

xo  Azu

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Windowpane 1 Windowpane 2 Windowpane 3 Windowpane 4 Windowpane 5 Windowpane 6 Windowpane 7 Windowpane 8 Windowpane 9 Windowpane 10 Windowpane 11 Wearing:
Topshop windowpane check funnel neck crop
Topshop denim mini skirt
Topshop shoes
Vintage quilted purse
YSL lipstick in "Ultimate Beige"

In case you haven't noticed, I have an obsession with Topshop.  I'm wearing Topshop from head to toe.  I didn't even realize it until I started typing this post.  This is just a brand I keep gravitating towards.  It used to be Free People years ago, then BCBG, then Zara, then Nanette Lepore, Alice and Olivia, and now I'm on a Topshop binge.  Do any of you ever do that?  Do you completely obsess over a brand for a period of time?

I wore this outfit for lunch with my boyfriend.  We ended up going hiking after at my favorite park.  It was beautiful out!  Spending time in the outdoors always clears my mind.  I feel like I need to spend time outdoors or I start losing my mind.  ;)

xo  Azu