Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miracles (Easter Outfit)

Miracles_2 Miracles_3 Miracles_4 Miracles_5


Bebe silk blouse (old)
Skirt (given to me by a friend)
Seychelles oxford peep toe pumps
D&G clutch/wallet
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick
OPI "Mermaid's Tears" nail polish

This is what I wore earlier today.  I wanted to wear a sleeveless polka dot dress and my new pink pumps...but the weather didn't permit.  Instead I wore something that I would wear if I worked at an office (which I used to.  That was perhaps the only positive side of working at an office...I got to dress up).  I think it's a cute conservative look for an office, family friendly event, or to go to church in.

I had a "guest" photographer today.  My youngest brother took these pictures (which is a miracle).  For the past three years, he was suffering from a rare eye condition.  He had extreme sensitivity to any kind of light (not even the darkest sunglasses/eyeglasses/contacts would help).  On top of that, cataracts were growing in both eyes and he had glaucoma.  He went to every eye specialist in the area and was seen by numerous doctors.  But about two weeks ago, he miraculously got better.  He's now able to walk outside like...a normal person!  He is by far, the strongest person I have ever met.  He's always been an upbeat and funny guy...even through those tough times.  I love you, little brother!

Another little miracle that happened today (although a bit more on the comical side) is that all of my hens layed eggs today.  That usually doesn't happen.  Some of my hens are "lazier" than others.  I love getting fresh eggs...and even better when they're in bulk ;)

Thanks for reading and HAPPY EASTER!



Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Wolf-Like

Wolf-like_1 Wolf-like_2 Wolf-like_3 Wolf-like_4 Wolf-like_5

Vintage dress from the 70s (my mom made it when she was younger)
Steve Madden "Graanie" boots in "Stone"
Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss lip color "Crush"

I'm wearing my new favorite lipstick.  I say that every single time I buy a new one.  I guess that means I'm either easily satisfied or my taste in lip color keeps getting better ;)  But this one is super cool.  It has the moisture of a lipgloss but it comes in pencil form.  And it's very saturated.

Two weeks ago (when these pictures were taken)  I was under an immense amount of stress.  I also started to feel really down.  I rarely feel bad about myself or doubt myself and my work.  I don't like to think negatively about myself (or anyone else for that matter) because it's not healthy.

Anyway, while I was feeling blue I was painting.  The assignment called for a wild canine.   I thought a wolf would be fun to paint.  So I picked an Arctic Wolf.  As I was painting this particular wolf species, something just clicked with what I learned.  This amazing creature can endure a lot.  Not only can it go weeks without food in sub zero temperatures, it can do it in absolute darkness...for months at a time.  It lives in the coldest, most extreme temperatures.  There are very few animals that can do that.  It was then I realized how important it is to just keep going.  Keep trying.  And keep enduring.

A gray wolf wouldn't be able to endure what the Arctic wolf does.  A Mexican wolf wouldn't be able to either.  A maned wolf would surely die in these types of conditions.  My point is that there are many different types of wolves in the world.  But not all of them can endure persevere like the Arctic Wolf.  Do you get where I'm going with this?  When we feel weak, we need to be wolf-like.  Meaning...we need to endure and push through the tough times.  So that's what I mean by "be wolf-like."

And I told myself I wouldn't share my art here unless it pertained to fashion.  But I was really inspired by this amazing creature that I had to share what I made.  I know it's kind of hard to read the writing, but I'll upload a better quality to my website later.

Arctic Wolf Final

Hope you enjoyed this post!



Monday, March 18, 2013


Lucky_1 Lucky_2 Lucky_3 Lucky_4 Lucky_5


Nanette Lepore cardigan (Old.  Seen on Britney Spears on "How I Met Your Mother" a while back)
ASOS high waisted mint jeans
H&M headband
Miu Miu patent leather mary janes
Clinique "A Different Grape" lipstick
OPI "Mermaid's Tears" nail polish

I really really like this cardigan.  It's so cute and feminine. I have a tendency to fall for anything embellished.  Nanette Lepore makes the cutest things.  I can't get enough of it.  I have a few other embellished cardigans from NL but this one takes the cake.  That's why I posted so many pictures of the same pose.  LOL!  I wish I could wear this cardi all the time.  I say that about every piece of clothing that I have.  And then I only end up wearing it twice.  I want to change that!

This is what I wore for St. Patrick's Day.  I usually don't celebrate this holiday.  I guess I went all out this year :)  I even painted a four leaf clover on one of my nails.

And before I take off....I have one more thing to say...

Is it just me or does this outfit kind of remind you of a modern day Marie Antoinette?  I always loved her gorgeous gowns, furniture, and decorations.  She was a fool when it came to the throne.  But my gosh...her taste in material things was fantastic!

Alright.   That's all for now :)



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Striped Dress and a Pink Blazer

Stripes & pink_1 Stripes & pink_2 Stripes & Pink_3


Forever 21 striped dress (It was only $12! There's a similar one here and a fit and flare version here.)
Zara pink blazer
Vintage velvet purse
Vintage pearl necklace (made up of tiny faux pearls)
Dollhouse pumps
Dior Glossy 1 sunglasses
Mac "Gel" lipstick and "Florabundance" lipgloss

My boyfriend is a superhero.  This dress sold out in my size at every Forever 21 store in the Bay Area (yes...I actually called each and every one.  Don't judge).  All except one.  An hour away, mind you.  And he went out and hunted this dress down.   Since then, it has completely sold out in every size (Sorry, ladies.  But check the links above to find better alternatives).  I haven't been able to wear this dress as much as I swore that I would.  It's been entirely too cold.  But on the day that these pictures were taken, it seemed as though Spring had finally sprung.

Do you like my nude lips?  I used to wear nude lips ALL the time.  Florabundance lipglass from Mac, Gel, and Hue lipsticks (all from Mac) were my favorite.  But once I started trying out colored lipsticks I was hooked.  And I forgot all about my nude lipsticks.  I need to start wearing them more.  Gel is a really pretty color!  It's frosted and looks amazing with a little bit of Florabundance.



Saturday, March 2, 2013

Casual Glam

Casual Glam_1 Casual Glam_2 Casual Glam_3 Casual Glam_4


Vintage sequin jacket
A&F basic heather gray T Shirt
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Vintage velvet purse
Steve Madden silver flats (maybe like 5 years old)
Burberry watch
Dior Glossy 1 sunglasses
Mac "Rebel" lipstick

I finally got a close up picture of my unicorn necklace!  It's not even that great of a pic...hahaha!   I'll do better next time :)

I wore this outfit on my birthday.  It was actually my NYE outfit too, but I didn't actually go out that night because of my swollen hand.  So I decided to wear it again because it's a comfortable look.  I love that it's casual but not too casual.

PS.  My birthday was last month (February) but I have been way behind on my posting.  I hope to catch up soon.

Have a safe and happy weekend!