Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Love / T shirt and Jeans

Love 1 Love 2 Love 3 Love 4 Love 5 Love 6 Love 7 Love 8 Love 9 Love 10 Wearing:
Saks Fifth sequin beret
Vintage Saint Laurent cardigan
Sincerely Jules "I say yes to love" t shirt
Citizens jeans
Topshop Jenna pumps
Mac Girl About Town lipstick

"There's nothing like a song about lost love to remind you how everything precious can slip from the hinges where you've hung it so careful."

I've been all about inspirational quotes lately.  Especially ones about love.

Last week, I found out that a friend of mine passed away.  It completely crushed me.  I still can't believe he's gone.  The week prior to that, my Mustang was wrecked, and two weeks before that I left a relationship that was killing me. These events have reminded me how important it is to love myself again, how important it is to love others, and I'm learning who is really there for me during these tough times.

It feels like everything went by so fast.   My body has physically gone through the motions but my mind is still trying to process everything that has happened.  I've felt a roller coaster of emotions.  But emotions, I've learned are a good thing.  I've been here before.  Felt these low times.  The good thing is that I'm stronger and older (and hopefully wiser).

As the days get longer, so does my lust for sunshine.  Every day I make sure to let the warm sun hit my skin.  Even if it's just on my morning run.  It's these little things that are keeping me happy and feeling safe.  It's what's helping me stay positive while I adjust to this new phase of my life.

xo  Azu

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pink Coat

Pink Coat 1 Pink Coat 2 Pink Coat 3 Pink Coat 4 Pink Coat 5 Pink Coat 6 Pink Coat 7 Wearing:
Tulle pink coat (via Nordstrom)
ASOS lace middi dress
Steve Madden boots
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse
YSL Ultimate Beige lipstick
Location: Sonoma

Photos by Amber

Even though it's Spring, on most afternoons it's not warm enough to go out without a warm coat.  I wore this outfit when I hung out with Amber last.

You might have noticed I got a haircut.  I actually got it done in March.  It's grown out already about an inch or two.  And I'm still not used to it.  Lately I've just been wearing my hair up so the length doesn't really bother me.  But I do miss my long, messy hair.  I can't wait for it to grow out.

xo  Azu

Monday, April 4, 2016

Black and Ivory

Black and white 1 Black and White 2 Black and White 3 Black and White 4 Black and White 5 Black and White 6

Vintage coat
Joe's Jeans
Ralph Lauren top
Faux pearl headband
Dior sunglasses
Mac Fresh Moroccan lipstick

I've worn this outfit dozens of times because it's such an easy look.  It's just a black top, black pant, boots, and a big coat.

The first four photos are recent.  The last two are actually from a year and a half ago.  I just never posted them.

xo  Azu