Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Peachy

Peachy_1 Peachy_2 Peachy_3 Peachy_4


Charter Club "Hint of Cashmere" cable knit hat

Forever 21 cropped sweater (looks pink, but it's more of a light peach color)
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Burberry watch
Miu Miu patent leather mary janes
Louis Vuitton mini backpack
Vintage and/or gifted jewelry
Essie "Skirting the Issue" nail polish
Estee Lauder "Candy" lipstick

Every single time I've worn my unicorn necklace, I've missed getting a good picture of it.  I've worn it at least 3 times already and you can't even see how awesome it is.  Maybe one of these days I'll remember to get a good close shot of it.  Or I mean...I'll remember to have my boyfriend get a good shot at it.  (Let's be real.  I'm not the one taking these pictures...he is.  And he's also the one who buys me cute things like my unicorn necklace).

Hope you're all having a great Monday!



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Black Cape

Little Black Cape Little Black Cape_2 Little Black Cape_3 Little Black Cape_4 Little Black Cape_5 Little Black Cape_6


Prabal Gurung Neiman Marcus + Target Sequined cape
Dior Glossy 1 sunglasses
Joe's jeans black skinny pants
Vintage velvet purse
Vintage jewelry
Tory Burch "Kaitlin" quilted leather pump
Bebe basic black t shirt
Mac "Dear Diary" lipstick

 When I was in the 2nd grade, my mother made me the most beautiful vibrant blue cape. It was a big hit at school. My teacher and peers always complimented me on my cape.
A few months ago when I saw the Neiman Marcus + Target line, I knew I had to buy the Prabal Gurung cape.  I hesitated and waited so long that the items eventually went on sale.  I scored this cape at 70% off.  $23 isn't bad for a wool blend cape.  I thought the lace bow and sequins were so cute.  I had to have it :)  It reminded me of the simplicity and chicness my cape had in the 2nd grade.

This outfit was my first look from being back from the hospital.  I was feeling a bit dizzy, so I didn't notice I had zipper issues lol.  I was relieved and happy to be out of the hospital.



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Leather T-Shirt

Leather T shirt_1 Leather T shirt_2 Leather T shirt_3 Wearing:

Asos oxblood leather t shirt
AG Jeans "The Kiss" velvet pants (from 4 years ago)
Tory Burch "Kaitlin" quilted leather pumps
Gold necklace (borrowed from my mom)
Vintage quilted purse
Mac "Fresh Moraccan"
Burberry watch

This was a very comfortable and fun outfit to wear.  I love pairing contrasting textures (such as leather and velvet) because I think it adds interest to an otherwise simple look.  I also like outfits that are inspired by a past decade.  While I was unaware of it at the time that these photos were taken, this outfit has kind of a retro 70s vibe to it.  Maybe I'm wrong.  But for some reason the deep red, relaxed leather top makes me think of the 70s.  My pants are also flared so that's probably why I have thoughts about that decade.

It was very cold that day, but my buttery soft leather top kept me nice and warm (with the help of a camisole underneath, of course!).  I always gravitate towards loose fitting tops during the cooler weather.  They're great for layering...even if you can't see the layers lol.  Anyway, I really like this top.  I bought it maybe 1-2 months ago and I couldn't wait to wear it.  It sold out immediately at Asos.   Glad I snatched it before they sold out of my size!



Monday, January 14, 2013

Teal Dress

Teal_1 Teal_2 Teal_3 Teal_4 Teal_5


Asos teal pencil dress
BCBG suede and leather pumps
Vintage faux-fur coat (gift from my friend Annie)
Vintage quilted purse
Fishnet tights (no label, but also from Annie)
Vintage necklace
Vintage earrings
Vintage bracelets
Burberry watch
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick
Essie "Skirting the Issue" nail polish

This is the first time you'll be able to pin directly from my blog.  I've made this set of photos public on my flickr account.  Eventually, all of my photos will be made public.  But for now it's just this set.

I wore this outfit a day before NYE.  My boyfriend bought me this dress for Christmas and I could not wait to wear it out.  I love the color!  I tried looking for it on the website, but couldn't find it.  Sorry :(  I would have shared the link with you all.

Happy Monday!



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

After the Storm

After the storm_1 After the storm_2 After the storm_3 After the storm_4


Forever 21 shirt
Topshop doberman motif sweater
Joe's Jeans
Abercrombie & Fitch jacket
Topshop wool hat
Burberry rain boots
Vintage quilted purse
MAC "Rebel" lipstick

You guys are not going to believe how crazy this year has already been.  For the past month, I've been trying to figure out why my hand was swelling up (you can actually see some swelling in these pics...look at my hand that's holding the purse).  I spent my New Years at a doctor's office and last Sunday night at the ER.  I barely got out of the hospital today!  My hand is finally getting better.  It's such a relief that most of the swelling has gone away.  Perhaps the only good thing about being hospitalized is that it makes me appreciate life so much more.  It was a scary experience and yet I felt so loved.  My loved ones came to see me (and stay with me) and they brought me lots of delicious food (they knew I'd hate what the hospital served...I'm picky and they know me well lol).

By now you're probably wondering what caused an intense swelling (and unbearable itching) of my right hand.  Well...I was seen by at least 5 different doctors and not one of them could pinpoint the exact cause.  But I have a feeling that my severe allergic reaction was caused by a giant millipede I found in my backyard...and picked up.  Not smart.  But I am a big fan of creepy crawly bugs.  They don't scare me at all  :)  In fact, I find most of them to be quite adorable.  After this experience, it is safe to say that I will NEVER pick up a millepede ever again in my life.

By the way, these pictures do not show the extreme puffyness of my hand.  I'll post those pics soon.  These pictures were taken two weeks ago after a huge storm.  I never had time to post.  Which reminds me...I need to reply to most of your comments!  It's just hard to type with one hand so bear with me :)



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Sandy Hook

blue_1 blue_2 blue_3


BCBG knit blue top
C&C California camisole / tank top
AG Jeans
Vintage boots
Louis Vuitton mini backpack
Guess ring
Bird brooch (borrowed)
Knit scarf (made by a friend)


Mac Fabulousness smokey eye palette
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick

I have found myself lately being less outspoken about things that matter.  I'm not that way in person but I am when it comes to this blog.  It's quite a contrast to the way I was last year.  I was very open about the world of politicians and how their decision making plays a large role in our lives... even to us fashion bloggers.   But for the past month I have held my tongue.  Part of the reason is out of fear of censorship.  Many websites (such as facebook and youtube) have censored what their users are saying if they don't agree with the views of the media.  The other reason is that I don't want to come across as anti government (which I most certainly am not).  In a way I guess that makes me a coward.  Especially since I've been wanting so badly to talk about the 2nd amendment and Sandy Hook.  I want to throw in my two cents but I do not want to distract from the tragedy itself.  It's a horrible thing that happened and we should acknowledge it, not use it to push an anti-gun agenda.  

I've felt so sad for the victims of that tragedy.  But what has angered me the most is the way the media,  reporters, and politicians have treated those families like walking piggy banks.  That makes me SO angry.  Out of all of those gaggle of idiots, not one of them has visited the families of the victims after the cameras stopped rolling.  It's sickening that those reporters cared more about being the first to get the story than they did about the actual story.

The only thing I want to say now is that if you're reading this, can you please just have a moment of silence for the Sandy Hook victims?  Just for a minute?


I wish we could all just pray and focus on love instead of turning a tragic situation into a political one.  I do want to voice my own opinions  about this, but I'll save it for another post.