Thursday, May 28, 2015

White / White

White : White 1 White : White 2 White : White 3 White : White 4 White : White 5 White : White 6 White : White 7 White : White 8
Asos 90s crop top
Milly white eyelet skirt
Kate Spade "Isis" sandal
Forever 21 gold bow headband
Barney's wicker bag
Estee Lauder "Stay Scarlet" lipstick

Off the blog, I feel like I've been wearing black too often.  My work dress code is strict when it comes to color.  Nothing against black (the chicest color of all), but when I wear it so much I crave anything but.  So any chance I get to wear anything besides black, I'll take it.

These platform shoes and downright girly-ness of this outfit makes me smile.  I love how a white t shirt and eyelet go so perfectly together.  This combination reminds me of summertime.  I miss those long days and warm nights!

xo  Azu

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tweed Shorts

Tweed Shorts 1 Tweed Shorts 2 Tweed Shorts 3 Tweed Shorts 4 Tweed Shorts 5 Wearing:
Topshop tweed shorts (old)
Tory Burch "Kaitlin" pumps
Dior sunglasses
Vintage quilted purse
Chanel "Desire" lipstick

High waisted shorts were a go-to for me for the last several years.  I still wear them quite frequently, but there was a time when I had entirely too many pairs of shorts.  I still have most of them.  Looking through these pictures again reminds me that I still have too many...because I've had this pair of tweed shorts for four years and I've only worn them twice.  TWICE.

This is one of the many times I feel guilty of being too self indulgent in clothing.  When I realize I have too many items that I don't wear enough I feel a little spoiled.  Perhaps it's a sign that I need to do some intense spring cleaning in my closet.  It is mid May, afterall...   :)

xo  Azu