Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Thinking Pink

Think Pink_1 Think Pink_2 Think Pink_3 Think PInk_4

Vintage necklace
Gold bangles from Mexico
Vintage bracelet
Vintage poodle brooch
Charlotte Russe white eyelet dress
Zara pink blazer
Miu Miu patent leather mary janes
Mac lipstick "Dear Diary"
Essie nail polish "Peach Daiquiri"

One of the last times I wore this dress, I made the mistake of wearing bright orange underwear.  I kept wondering why everyone was staring at me everywhere I went.  "They must really like my dress," I thought.  LOL!  It wasn't until I looked in the mirror of a public restroom that I realized what a huge mistake I'd made.  Although this dress has lining, my brightly colored undergarment was clearly visible through this white dress.  It was embarrassing, but I had to laugh at myself.

This dress was purchased back in 2005 or so.  I still remember the day I bought it.  Charlotte Russe was packed that day.  I tried on this dress, which at the time had pale pink sequins all over it.  It also had an ugly looking cowboy belt (there isn't wrong with a cowboy belt, but this one was just awful).  I bought the dress, ditched the belt, and removed every single sequin.  I had a sequin overload from the previous seasons so I wanted to stay away from them for a while lol.  I have to say that removing the sequins was a good decision.  I think it helped make this dress more versatile.  Otherwise it would have been overly girly.

Do any of you have items of clothing that you slightly altered over the years?  Isn't it amazing what a few changes can do to a piece of clothing?




  1. Beautiful your blazer.:-)

  2. I want to look like you so badly I could cry. :P

    I love that blazer. No, scratch that. I'm obsessed with it.

    I love that you paired it with the white lace dress.

    God, what I would give to still fit into stuff I bought in 2005...or 2010. LOL!

  3. Love your pink blazer and OMG about your story. I would have been mortified had that happened to me.

    xo erica

  4. Love the look sweety!
    Following your blog via GFC, follow me back?


  5. really cute pink blazer dear
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  6. adorable look!

  7. I love the colour of your blazer*
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  8. Hi Azu! Cute dress, I also have some items that I have ''pimped'' myself, like some very old black flats to which I added a fluorescent bow. It's really nice (and cheap) to do it.

  9. Oh no! hahaha. I'm glad you could laugh - I had had things like that happen to me too. Like, the time I thought my tunic was a dress...and wandered all over downtown in it.

    Yes, Saturday afternoon works! What is your e-mail? I can send you my number.

    This will be fun!

  10. Wow great heels!
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog! Follow you too)

  11. una chaqueta preciosa! estas guapisima

  12. ''They must really like my dress'', I had the same situation :-D
    I love these ladylike outfits.

  13. Hi! I was looking at your blog and I like it so much!
    Can we maybe follow each other? Let me know dear <3

  14. Shoes are fierce and the blazer is hot!
    want to follow each other?

  15. I'm following you honey! By the way... You got amazing legs! ;)

  16. Im following! Thanks for checking out my blog..x

  17. Very pretty! I love the blazer, and the nail color. xx

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  19. Aww, I love pink!
    You look so prim & proper :3

    xxx Lara

  20. The necklace is soooooooooooooooooooo cute!
    Love the blazer, shoes, n bag!
    The white dress brings all these pieces so well together.

  21. Great classic look. The pearls are awesome. xA

  22. I love vintage!!!and your outfit is very cool!
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  23. Girl this is stunning on you. So chic and elegant and of course following you on GFC

    <3 Marina

  24. great look!

  25. Beautiful!<3
    Btw would you like follow each other?
    Just let me know:)


  26. Hi Azu....just found your blog while surfing & enjoyed your latest posts. I like your outfits & posts so expect to see more of me here!


  27. A pink could I not be in LOVE with it!! You look gorgeous girl (ALWAYS!)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

    1. Oh I forgot to mention I do live in SF!!! YAY! Don't you just LOVE the city!!!!

  28. Like your blazer

  29. Pretty ^^

    Love Emi

  30. Such a gorgeous look! Amazing pics!
    Dear, following you on Bloglovin now! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  31. Alterations make the world go 'round. Im starting sewing lessons on the 3rd and I told my teacher I want to be skilled in the alterations department. Did I tell you I picked out a pink lipstick at MAC for Maricela to wear during the event and it was "girl about town?" I was like hey! my friend wears this. And then my mom coincidentally bought it the other day. It looks really good with the lip glass "pink poodle" do you have that one too? About the vintage baby clothes, I totally feel you. I am my mom's only child so she saved tons of my dresses and clothes. Good thing I had a girl. She will be rocking my Xmas dress for Xmas. My mom used to hide her precious jewelry in my old winnie the pooh onsie. She said burglars would never think to steal baby clothes hanging in the corners of her closet. Smart lady.Take care raven haired mu~neca

  32. You look stunning!

  33. Wow, I absolutely adore the classiness & femininity of your look absolutely amazing!

  34. Oh the pink blazer is so sexy, you are so beautiful dear! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)

  35. that bag is just special... very special...

  36. so cute, love your blazer!

  37. such a classy, sweet look. you're right, that blue dress is totally your style :) and danggg girl you got nice gams ;) also wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment xo

  38. Beautiful! I like this pink blazer. :)

    Thanks you for your lovely comment. :)