Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Sandy Hook

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BCBG knit blue top
C&C California camisole / tank top
AG Jeans
Vintage boots
Louis Vuitton mini backpack
Guess ring
Bird brooch (borrowed)
Knit scarf (made by a friend)


Mac Fabulousness smokey eye palette
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick

I have found myself lately being less outspoken about things that matter.  I'm not that way in person but I am when it comes to this blog.  It's quite a contrast to the way I was last year.  I was very open about the world of politicians and how their decision making plays a large role in our lives... even to us fashion bloggers.   But for the past month I have held my tongue.  Part of the reason is out of fear of censorship.  Many websites (such as facebook and youtube) have censored what their users are saying if they don't agree with the views of the media.  The other reason is that I don't want to come across as anti government (which I most certainly am not).  In a way I guess that makes me a coward.  Especially since I've been wanting so badly to talk about the 2nd amendment and Sandy Hook.  I want to throw in my two cents but I do not want to distract from the tragedy itself.  It's a horrible thing that happened and we should acknowledge it, not use it to push an anti-gun agenda.  

I've felt so sad for the victims of that tragedy.  But what has angered me the most is the way the media,  reporters, and politicians have treated those families like walking piggy banks.  That makes me SO angry.  Out of all of those gaggle of idiots, not one of them has visited the families of the victims after the cameras stopped rolling.  It's sickening that those reporters cared more about being the first to get the story than they did about the actual story.

The only thing I want to say now is that if you're reading this, can you please just have a moment of silence for the Sandy Hook victims?  Just for a minute?


I wish we could all just pray and focus on love instead of turning a tragic situation into a political one.  I do want to voice my own opinions  about this, but I'll save it for another post.




  1. Happy New Year,hope you have a wonderful year ahead! I don't believe you're anti government you just feel strongly about whats going on in the world which is a good thing and i also don't believe you're a coward.
    My Condolences go out to the families of the victims of the shootings, i can't begin to imagine the heartache and pain they would be going through.
    In my opinion, I believe this is the time to push gun laws because everyone can relate to this horrible tragedy that happened to innocent kids

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  4. I often post about politics, but the only one I've did related to Sandy Hook was a moment of silence. Too sensitive of an issue for me to give me 2 cents on. I did like the issue of People (I think that was one the mag) where they gave a very detailed look at the victims and their families' comments.

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  21. First off, Feliz a~no nuevo! I saw your merry xmas comment and was so excited! I was off the map over break, visiting with the suergros. This was such a terrible tragedy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I turned on the TV. I work at an elementary school so it was particularly horrifying. The kids haven't mentioned it yet, but we are going to have lockdown drills this week. I'm interested to see what else you have to say. I understand the need to speak out, I feel like that most with my own family, they don't have the same ideals as me and it creates tension. ufff. luego me cuentas.

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