Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Wolf-Like

Wolf-like_1 Wolf-like_2 Wolf-like_3 Wolf-like_4 Wolf-like_5

Vintage dress from the 70s (my mom made it when she was younger)
Steve Madden "Graanie" boots in "Stone"
Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss lip color "Crush"

I'm wearing my new favorite lipstick.  I say that every single time I buy a new one.  I guess that means I'm either easily satisfied or my taste in lip color keeps getting better ;)  But this one is super cool.  It has the moisture of a lipgloss but it comes in pencil form.  And it's very saturated.

Two weeks ago (when these pictures were taken)  I was under an immense amount of stress.  I also started to feel really down.  I rarely feel bad about myself or doubt myself and my work.  I don't like to think negatively about myself (or anyone else for that matter) because it's not healthy.

Anyway, while I was feeling blue I was painting.  The assignment called for a wild canine.   I thought a wolf would be fun to paint.  So I picked an Arctic Wolf.  As I was painting this particular wolf species, something just clicked with what I learned.  This amazing creature can endure a lot.  Not only can it go weeks without food in sub zero temperatures, it can do it in absolute darkness...for months at a time.  It lives in the coldest, most extreme temperatures.  There are very few animals that can do that.  It was then I realized how important it is to just keep going.  Keep trying.  And keep enduring.

A gray wolf wouldn't be able to endure what the Arctic wolf does.  A Mexican wolf wouldn't be able to either.  A maned wolf would surely die in these types of conditions.  My point is that there are many different types of wolves in the world.  But not all of them can endure persevere like the Arctic Wolf.  Do you get where I'm going with this?  When we feel weak, we need to be wolf-like.  Meaning...we need to endure and push through the tough times.  So that's what I mean by "be wolf-like."

And I told myself I wouldn't share my art here unless it pertained to fashion.  But I was really inspired by this amazing creature that I had to share what I made.  I know it's kind of hard to read the writing, but I'll upload a better quality to my website later.

Arctic Wolf Final

Hope you enjoyed this post!




  1. Love the dress, it is so unique yet fab!

  2. Great outfit! I really like how you pared the dress with boots :)

  3. Love that you're wearing a daring print, and those lace-up booties are awesome!


  4. Cuuuuute boots and the scenary is pretty amazing too ;)

  5. oh dear, just loving your sense of style,
    totally awesome!

    hope youll follow back <3

    Sergio, xx

  6. what a lovely dress! :)
    I love your shoes btw. I need a pair similar to that! wrote about the wolf. I needed that as I have been really down this week.
    Gorgeous painting!

    I love what you
    hareem x

  7. Beautiful look!
    Love those boots!


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  9. You're painting is amazing!!! Their hard lifestyle is definitely motivation to keep going. I can't believe your mom made that dress, I'm loving the fun look great girl. Oh and I never mind you pinning anything of mind...thank so much. I'm really glad you liked it.

    xo erica

  10. Very nice :)


    Coline ♡

  11. Oh my god, this is amazing. It looks like a poster that should be hanging in my bedroom or gracing the pages of a book or magazine. I'm always re-stunned by your talent. Periods go by when I know you're a great artist, but it doesn't really sink in, and then you show more of your work and BAM. I'm, like, passed out on the floor.

    Oh, and this dress is equally insane. I love that your mom made it. Just proves sometimes style is simply inherited. :)

  12. Your mom has great skills. Love the printed dress.
    Ashley Udoh

  13. Wow I really love the paintings your boots are so awesome!!

  14. What a fun outfit! I like how its feminine but also edgy. Diggin' the boots a lot.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  15. You're lovely! :-)


  16. So funny but I was thinking I HAVE to ask where she got this dress, the pattern is great, it is just so 70's ah it IS from the 70's. It would look great with high suede boots, a faux fur vest and a big floppy hat!

    Ali of

  17. love how you paired this dress with the boots! it gives it a great casual feel :} Would you like to follow eachother?

  18. Love how you put silver boots with the dress!!! Looks killer hot and rock n' roll with the lace ups!!! We are howlin!!! Can you hear us!?!?! hotttt!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  19. Wow amazing dress Dear ! I love this print and colours so much <3 You look just gorgeous !

  20. Very lovely look! The dress is so pretty!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. I would love to read your feedback.

  21. Thank you for your comment :) I have to say the same about your dress, i love prints so anything unique is soo me! I love the trees in the background, so beautiful!

  22. 1) love the dress
    2) beautiful location with the trees in the background
    3) amazing job on the painting!

  23. I love the dress and the boots match it so perfectly!

  24. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

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  27. I love this vintage dress.

  28. Love the dress, and ur sho- es oh my so adorable it compliments ur legs.
    Love the sceneries of where ur pictures are taken, looks like life was so laidback and no stress at all, my kind of place:)

  29. This is such a cool dress and the boots are fantastic!

  30. your always too cute!

    Come check me out!

  31. I can't believe your mom made that dress. It is so adorable, but I especially love the shoes. They're so unique! Also, sorry to hear that you're going through a negative patch. I am too and wish I could offer words of hope, but sadly, I don't believe in hope anymore. LOL.. on the contrary that is a gorgeous illustration of the wolf. You are so talented, I don't know why you would ever doubt your work!


  32. You DID say that! So glad you shared it! Go on with your bad wolf self. We are always feeling down, I've been emo for years but this year has been better. Still I can feel the stress in my shoulders #life. Your mom must sew well if that dress has held up all those years #backstitch. Ok Im done hashtagging out of context. Hope you had a good Easter.