Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sequin Shorts

Sequin shorts_1 Sequin shorts_2 Sequin shorts_3 Sequin shorts_4 Sequin shorts_5 Wearing:

Parker silk blouse
Topshop sequin shorts
Bebe pumps (super old...from the late 90s when their leather goods were actually made in Italy, not China)
Mac "Girl About Town" lipstick
Dior Glossy1 sunglasses

This is what I wore for the Catalan Festival at Gloria Ferrer winery.  I hadn't been there for a few years.  Part of the reason why I didn't go was because they stopped partnering with an amazing company that makes their paella for this event.  They made the most amazing paella.  After they stopped partnering with them, I stopped going.  It's all about the paella, ladies.

Even though the paella wasn't as amazing as I had expected (I have high standards for the dish), it was delicious nonetheless.  So much yummy food, sparkling wine, and mouth watering chocolate!  I would have taken pictures of the actual event, but my hands were preoccupied holding a glass of wine, my wallet,  and a small plate of food.  Oh, and I'm apparently not too good at taking event pictures anyway.  I don't even take my own pictures for my blog!  Thanks, boyfriend :)

I haven't posted in a while.  Sorry about that.  I had food poisoning (not from the Catalan Festival, thankfully!) and was dealing with some sad news.  My cute little cockatiel I've had for half of my life died.  I mentioned her on my blog before.  Her name was Peaches and she outlived every pet I've ever had.  I hesitated in even talking about her because people usually don't care about pets unless it's a cat or a dog.  At least, from my experience they don't.  I actually had someone laugh at me when I told them that my bird died.   Peaches may not have been a dog, but she was just as obedient, loyal, and loving as any dog or cat could be.

xo  Azu


  1. Seriously, your legs go on for daaaaayyys! Love those shorts. You pull them off fabulously.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Check you out on that bench pose pose pose. Is that a Daddy Yankee song? You look great. R.I.P. Peaches. I'm allergic to all animals, birds have been the only pets I've ever been able to have in my house. My first bird died when my mom and I were staying with my grandparents for the summer because their health was failing. My dad tried to hide it from me, when I got home he had bought 2 new parakeets and put them in the cage. He told me the green one was my bird, but I knew it wasn't. I could never form a bond with those birds. But then I got a cockatiel, named him after my grandpa and loved it for a long time. Hopefully I can get another one one day for my daughter but I'd be so sad when it died to have her go through that. It's the circle of life I guess. Tell anyone that laughs to go kick rocks. I'll google map their house and ruin their lawn. Just kidding. Unless you want me to.

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  4. What a fabulous doll you are!
    Totally in love with your skirt <3
    So sorry to heard about Peaches :((( I can imagine how you feel bad :(



  5. This is a prefect outfit, I absolutely love the blouse and the shoes!!
    And your legs are so perfect!
    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)

  6. That's incredibile.... we wear a similar outfit today!!!
    I love your shorts!!! Amazing legs!!!

  7. Lovely post!!love both the sequin shorts n shirt!! lovely place for photos!! :)
    visit my blog too and let me know if you would like to follow each other :)

  8. Incredible look!
    Love the shorts!


  9. Oh, I'm so sorry about Peaches. My sympathies for your grief. It's sad whenever anyone we love dies; it doesn't matter what species they are.

    Your outfit is incredible. Your natural beauty is emphasized by the crisp white shirt, adorable shorts and stylish heels. Good to see you posting again.

  10. Whoa what long legs you have!

    I really like your blouse :)

    Sarah x

  11. I really like those shorts and the texture/sheen it has on it. It looks so awesome! :-) Lovely outfit posts - really digging your blog!
    http://janicethitran.com (✿◠‿◠)

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  13. I have to say this. You have the most amazing legs!
    Beautiful as always! <3
    hareem x

  14. Dear Azu, first of all I am sorry for your pet and also for your food poisoning ! :-(
    On a happier note, you look amazing in these shorts, I always dig your bare legs looks because you have the most amazing legs ever ! Kisses dear

    Fashion and Cookies
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  15. I love the shorts!


  16. Wow! I love your blog! :) You look so beautiful! :))

    Follow? ;)
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  17. Such cute shorts!! I am in LOVE!


  18. Lovely shorts, so pretty !



  19. Super cute outfit! I love the shorts.. they're beautiful. My goodness you also have the most gorgeous legs!!

  20. Love your outfit.x You look great:) Love the shorts.x

  21. Love the sequin short a lot, you style it really well. Very elegant and sophisticated look!


  22. Those shorts are fantastic!! I need to pick up a pair of these/ see if Topshop in Ireland stock them. The outfit goes so well together!!

    Freckles and the Fox

  23. Oh no.. So sorry to hear about Peaches and how rude was that person who laughed?! My boyfriend's cousin's cockatiel actually died last week. It escaped from the cage and flew into the neighbor's yard... The owner immediately ran to the neighbor's house, pounded on the door until the neighbor's answered (they took forever), but by the time she got to the back yard the rottweiler had killed it. :( She said there were feathers all around him and the little bird was lifelessly hanging out of its mouth. It was so sad. She ended up getting two cockatiels from the pet store the following day. Would've been too soon for me, but they've helped her cope I guess.

    As for the outfit, these are such fun shorts! I'm not much of a night owl but these would be great to wear on a fun night out in South Beach.

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  24. Those shorts are amazing! You look so pretty! Hope you're feeling better :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  25. I have a few pair of sequin shorts but these are the prettiest ones I have ever seen, so great!