Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cropped Leopard Print Jacket

Cropped 1 Cropped 2 Cropped 3 Cropped 4 Cropped 5 Cropped 6 Cropped 7 Cropped 8

ASOS Fedora
Bebe leopard print cropped fur jacket
Black contrast top
Topshop jeans
Vintage quilted purse
Nine West "MainStay" booties
YSL "Ultimate Beige" lipstick

It got a little warmer this week, so I wore this cropped jacket instead of one of my long coats.

I've been feeling guilty lately about owning animal products, like this jacket.  I feel horrible knowing that contributed to animal abuse.

Even though I own a lot of leather in my closet, most of it is old.  I've been making a conscious effort to purchase faux leather and faux fur lately.  It really does make a difference.  
Last year I saw the movie Earthlings.  You can watch it for free here on youtube.  I have to warn you, it's graphic.  But I feel it's something we all need to see.  Since watching the movie, I've completely changed the way I eat.  I've slowly made changes to my lifestyle as well.

I wanted to share this movie with you guys before, but I wasn't sure if I would reach anyone.  Especially considering the fact that I still wear leather and fur (most of it is old or vintage)...I didn't want to sound like a hypocrite.  But I'm doing the best that I can.  And I hope you give that movie a shot.  :)  Especially if you love animals!

xo  Azu


  1. Amazing look, darling! Love the jacket!


    PS hope you're having a fab weekend, too!

  2. stunning,you look awesome
    The boots are great

  3. totally loved the cropped jacket
    Happy Sunday

  4. I love the cropped jacket! One of the reasons why I don't watch movies like that. I love eating meat and I don't think I can survive without it (though I haven't really tried). Sometimes I feel guilty knowing how the animals were killed just so I can have a delicious hamburger for lunch but I just couldn't resist.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. beautiful photo, the jacket looks great

  6. Great post! I really like your blog! xx

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  7. Wonderful Outfit, xo babsi

  8. That is the cutest, spunkiest outfit EVER!!! -

  9. I love that you're so focused on making small changes. I've been trying to be more mindful about my purchases as well, but I realize that it doesn't mean I have to throw everything in my existing wardrobe away. That being said, this is a very gorgeous outfit! You look like a total rockstar!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  10. nice movie dear! Love your jacket, its really stylish and seems very comfy!
    Have a nice day!

  11. Great look !! the hat and the boots are fabulous!!

  12. You look stuning, I love everything. xoxo

  13. Love the pop of leopard. so fun! Great look xo

    the way to my Hart

  14. I love all things leopard. You look great.

  15. great jeans!


  16. Your outfit is perfect! love all combination!!!!!! so fierce! ;) you look so cute!

  17. Azu... I think it's okay to wear leather since it was bought some time ago... throwing it out would be too wasteful ♡

    Have a Merry Christmas ♡

  18. You looks so great! Love this jacket!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  19. Cool outfit !

  20. Love the outfit, and the background youre in front of!!! <3 -

  21. Amazing jacket, I love the print.

  22. I love your look..

  23. Nice outfit. I think your jacket add your extra beauty. love this.

  24. So nice you look! Have a nice Holidays

    xx L.

  25. beautiful look and beautiful you

  26. Stunning look!

    Merry Christmas!


  27. lovely look Azu! you're always stunning!
    wish you a lovely, caring, delicious and peaceful Xmas!
    a big hug, Aida

  28. This hat looks so perfect with your hair!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!<3

  29. That jacket! OMG!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  30. You look amazing! Merry Christmas dear!

  31. Your Bebe Leopard Jacket is just totally cute. The cropped effect looks so fab with your long legs. :) Happy Holidays!

  32. Beautiful shirt and leopard jacket! Very nice look :-)


  33. Amazing outfit dear!!! :)

  34. amazing outfit and pics!! soooo nice ♥♥♥

  35. I read somewhere that since leather is a byproduct of meat industry, it is actually a more ecological choice than faux leather, that is, it would actually be bad for the enviroment if all that leather had to be disposed of (as for example if people suddenly stopped wearing real leather). So, there is no black or white, everything has its pros and cons. Honestly, I'm not sure what the right thing to do is anymore! I do think that wearing (getting it from someone or buying) vintage clothes (whether it is real or fake fur or whatever else) is good for enviroment. I think what is important is that we at least care and try to do what is right...even if as I said, I have no idea what the right thing is anyway...but I know it is bad to be completely materialistic and brainwashed by mass corporations as imposed as taking the time and think about the clothes we wear and who produced them (even if we can't control it). I would also be a hypocrite if I said that I'm against wearing fur when the reality is that I will never be able to buy fur, there is no way I would ever be able to affort it...Plus, in the climate where I live, wearing fur is optional. We do have strongs winds sometimes in Winter but mostly it is a mild winter. For me it is totally normal if someone wears fur if they live in Canada.

    Finally, as relevant as this subject of clothes is, I think there are important issues in this world for example the fact that there are fourty million human slaves in this world (proven statistics) and that a great majority of the world population is starving and without health care and basic hygene conditions. Wearing or not wearing fur or leather is just a drop in the ocean. I think we should try to care about the way clothes are produced but we also must know that what we do personally is not that important on the world scale of don't feel guilty! If you want to be more conscious about animal rights and wear vintage clothes that's great and why not share it on your blog...but I think we all need to realize that single actions do not matter that much, we primarily do them for ourselves, but in order for the things in the world to change, there will have to be a huge shift in politics, economics and everything.

    You do look lovely in this look. Cropped jacket is the perfect pairing for those high waist jeans!

  36. CUTE jacket! Absolutely adore it. It ties your whole look together. :) Sending love from <3