Sunday, December 11, 2016

Vintage Corduroy Jacket

Vintage Cord 1 Vintage Cord 2 Vintage Cord 3 Vintage Cord 4 Wearing:
Vintage cord jacket
Topshop top
Topshop jeans
Topshop western sandals

Just a quickie post for this weekend :)

These photos are from October.  If I wore this outfit right now, I'd wear my Nine West Mainstay booties instead.  It's waaaay too cold for sandals at this point.

xo  Azu


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  2. That vintage jacket is adorable. Do another post with the booties! =D I can imagine that it'll look really good on you too.

  3. love the jacket
    Keep in touch

  4. So chic, darling!
    Happy holidays!


  5. love your jacket
    Check it out my last post + giveaway.

  6. Love this outfit! Pinned <3

    Edye | Http://

  7. Love the corduroy jacket - I remember having a floral corduroy jacket similar to yours.

    have a great week

  8. Your corduroy jacket is a gem! Love those one of kind pieces we find thrifting...or even a hand me down! And I bet this outfit looks great right now with your booties!


    House of Illusions

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  10. You look so incredibly beautiful. It’s one of the loveliest styles I've ever seen. What a delightful ensemble and you've styled it to perfection. ❤

  11. The jacket is so cuTE!

    PS new post on

  12. I love corduroy. It's so underrated. Your vintage find is stunning. :]

    // ▲ ▲

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  14. Loving those jeans!


  15. I am totally smitten by your jacket! The detaling of it definitely caught my eyes immediately!
    The perfect outfit if you ask me! :)

  16. Nice look!

  17. AZU!!! I'm such a fckn stalker! Lol. I'm just really excited to see you again! I don't have FB anymore and am currently working on updating my blog. I hope to hear/see more from you!!
    Un Abrazo!

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