Monday, January 13, 2014

Fur and Gold

Fur and Gold Fur and Gold 1 Fur and Gold 2 Fur and Gold 3 Fur and Gold 4 Fur and Gold 5 Fur and Gold 6 Fur and Gold 7 Fur and Gold 8 Wearing:
BCBG shirt
BCBG fur stole
Joe's Jeans
Apepazza "Liverpool" bootie in the color bittersweet
MICHAEL Michael Kors "Charlton" cross body purse in the color persimmon (from last year)
Asos hair chain
Burberry watch
Mac "Rebel" lipstick

As I mentioned the last time I wore this outfit, I'm OBSESSED with persimmons.  So when I bought this bag, it was funny to see that the color is called persimmon.  Sorry if I already said that last time I wore this purse lol.  I'm super tired and it's later than I normally post.

I have a serious question for you guys.  I know the topic of fur in fashion can be very controversial.  So I have to you wear real fur?  What do you think of it?  I'm sure most of you are fully aware of the way fur is brutally "harvested".  This post isn't made to judge anyone that wears it or anything like that.  Heck, I wear fur all the time.  Most of my fur is vintage, though.  But this particular piece is pretty new.  It came attached to a cardigan.

Anyway, I just wanted to see your thoughts on wearing fur.  Is it a do or a don't?  I won't judge you at all!  But some people get really crazy and judgmental like Peta when it comes to fur.  I'll tell you what I think later.  I have too much to say on the politics of it.  For now, I'm ready for bed!

xo  Azu


  1. I love the casual look!
    The shoes and the hair chain are amazing!
    Big kisses,

  2. Amazing look!
    Love the fur stole!


  3. I like the shoes!!!!

  4. Lovely fur scarf and shoes. Very stunning.

  5. Beautiful!

  6. The outfit looks lovely... I don't wear fur myself ... that's just my choice ♡

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  8. Your style is so cool!
    I love your look.
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  9. thanks for following:)I follow yoy back:) your scarf and shoes are beatiful:) nice blog :*

  10. I love your shirt and shoes! You look incredible x

  11. That's a strange name for thus beautiful bag, I like your hair tied up and the hair chain...
    Fab shoes
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  12. very chic look.
    i havent worn real fur ever, mostly its the faux fur. im not sure if thats equally brutal or not!

    Sadia Malik's Blog

  13. Lovely fur vest, it looks great with your top! I have a few real pieces from my past life, however since then I have actually read up on the fur trade and was so disgusted by it that I haven't bought another one since. That's my take :)

    Have a great day!

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    Love the colours in this outfit and the Michael Kors purse is so cute!
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  15. What an amazing outfit, you look beautiful! I love your blog and I follow you :)

  16. Cute look! I love the color of that bag!
    -Alex of

  17. Wow you stunning! Gorgeous look <3

    x Maria
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    featuring my new emerald green dress

  18. Adorable look dear! Love the fur stole and cute hair piece! x

  19. You look amazing!! xx
    love, Sochelle

  20. The boots and jeans go very well together! I think they're a perfect pairing. On the fur side, I don't wear it, nor have I ever. I just can't justify it. Faux fur looks just as good to me, and I don't think we still have a need to treat animals that way when we don't need the fur to stay warm. It's more of an indulgence that I don't think is necessary..
    Though, I have to admit, my grandmother left two of her mink coats to me after she passed, and they are absolutely beautiful, but they stay tucked away nicely in my coat closet. I admire them from time to time, but I would never wear them out.
    O heart san

  21. Your lip colour in this post is gorgeous!
    Recently I've been really liking fur - I personally would only buy faux fur, mainly because it's kinder to animals, but also the price!!

  22. Nice and I like your hair chain :)

  23. You look espectacular!
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    Love, Esther

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  25. You always look so beautiful girl. I love how you inspire me so much. Keep it up girl

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  28. Great outfit! I love your bag! :)
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  29. You look lovely! Love the boots on you! x

  30. Lovely and very stylish look, dear. The bag is so cute. :)

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  32. i like your style.. :) the hair clip is very pretty.. :)
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  34. I'm totally impressed, you look incredible! Great fur! : )

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  36. Amazing look, love it! And your lipstick is awesome! <3

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  37. you look super chic in this outfit! love the little orange sling bag and those peep toe booties are so cool!

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  38. This is such a cute look! I really love the cute collar detail and the booties are adorable!


  39. Loving your hair chain and fur! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

  40. nice outfit ;)

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  43. I absolutely love how faux fur instantly adds an element of glamor! Your booties are AMAZING too! Love.


  44. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! In love with the faux fur and booties! wow! x

  45. Loving those booties ! would you like to folloow each other?

  46. Love this outfit! You just remembered me that I also have a fur scarf,
    but I actually never worn it.. Time to get it out of my closet ;-)

  47. I think real fur is a "do" for sure and it looks amazing on you ! The fur trade is moderated very carefully these days and if the animals aren't cared for properly, then the fur will become useless as well. So wear your luxurious furs and enjoy them !